The Red Hills Rangers is a cowboy action shooting club formed in 2016.  Cowboy action shooting is a timed 4-gun sport involving firearms in use in the 1800’s Old West, specifically two single action revolvers, a lever (or pump) action rifle, and a shotgun, typically a double barrel SxS or Winchester ’97 pump.  Only lead bullets and shot are allowed. Velocities are restricted in order to minimize splatter.  Targets are mostly steel plate, in sizes and set at distances designed to promote action.  Shooters use a registered alias and dress in period costumes or outfits drawn from B Western films and television shows.   For more information on Cowboy Action Shooting, visit the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) website: www.sassnet.com.  All matches are governed by safety and related rules promulgated nationally by SASS.


The Red Hills Rangers are graciously sponsored by Talon Range, a facility dedicated to numerous shooting disciplines and, in particular, to the creation of a first-class Cowboy Action Shooting venue.   Matches are held monthly on the 2nd Saturday. The building of cowboy stage fronts is funded through donations of money, materials and labor and through sponsorships, with the objective of enhancing the Old West experience for shooters.


Few who try Cowboy Action Shooting ever turn back.  It is instantly addictive—and as most will tell you: you come for the shooting and stay for the friendships.

Grab yer’ guns, pard.  If yo’re new to CAS, come out anyway and we’ll see if we can’t get you some guns to use a time or two.


Hollifer A. Dollar, Vice President/Match Director                         
Email:       hollifer.a.dollar@gmail.com